Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Basic knowledge about C language

What Is C?

C could be a programming language. The C language was 1st developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T Bell Labs. Ritchie known as his newly developed language C merely because there was a B programming language already.
C could be a high-level programming language. In fact, C is one in every of the foremost common general purpose programming languages.
In the pc world, the any a programming language is from the pc design, the higher the language’s level. you’ll be able to imagine that the lowest-level languages are machine languages that computers perceive and execute directly. The high-level programming languages, on the opposite hand, are nearer to our human languages
High-level programming languages, together with C, have the subsequent advantages:
  • Readability: Programs are simple to scan.
  • Maintainability: Programs are simple to take care of.
  • Portability: Programs are simple to port across completely different pc platforms.

The C language’s readability and maintainability profit directly from its relative close to human languages, particularly English. Each high-level language desires a compiler or an interpreter to translate directions written within the high-level programming language into a machine language that a pc can perceive and execute. machines may have different compilers or interpreters for constant programming language. for example, i exploit Microsoft’s C compiler to compile the C programs during this book for my notebook computer (PC). If I want to run the C programs on a UNIX-based workstation, I actually have to use another form of C compiler to compile these programs. Therefore, the portability of programs written in C is realized by re-compiling the programs with completely different compilers for various machines